Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preggo Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures that my fabulous little sister took of J and I a couple of weeks ago. She did a great job and we love them all!!! Enjoy:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

We are total Blackers... Sorry

So, I was sitting around thinking of how we haven't posted in forever, and how we're huge blog slackers, and trying to figure out some type of clever combo of blog and slacker I could come up with. Unfortunately the only one my Summertime Brain could come up with is Blacker. So, sorry to all of you faithful blogging friends out there who are not blackers... things have been busy around the Holmes Home.

E is doing great. She is at cheerleading/dance camp this weekend for her UNCG girls. She still cannot be stopped, I can only hope to contain her.

Dancin' Diva has got to be the cutest little baby waiting to be our daughter there is. She is very active right now, just like her Mamma, and likes to kick Daddy in the face when he is saying family prayer at night... just like her Mamma?

I'm doing very well. I'll be trying my hand at teaching English 9 and 12 this year at Ragsdale, and I've been hanging out with the Golden Vlazny all week becoming good buddies with Caden. I even got to babysit for about a two hours yesterday and we had a great time.

E will have some more to post about soon. I will try to get her to stop long enough to do that soon. Love you guys.