Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are so blessed to have family in town so we still got to have the two Thanksgiving meals we're accustomed to:) We figured it was not the best thing to take a four day old out around lots of people, but we really wanted the food because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Candy and Rick came over and brought us lunch and hung out for a bit. Then later on that afternoon my mom brought dinner and took DD to visit with my family. It was a wonderful day! We still got to see some family, eat really good food, and relax.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome Singin' Diva

My labor experience again was awesome!!! I think in a lot of ways it was better actually. At 11:30pm Saturday night (Jeremy's birthday) I started timing contractions because I was getting a little uncomfortable earlier in the day. Nothing too bad though. So they were coming, but I knew we weren't "in labor." So the night goes on and around 1:15 am I wake up from a little nap watching TLC and feel like I maybe had gone to the bathroom...maybe my water breaking (sorry if that's TMI)! When I go and get freshened up it happens again so I call the midwife that's on-call. She wanted me to lay down for 30 minutes and then walk for 30 minutes to see if it happened again (another gush happens as we talk by the way). She also reminded me that the contractions could start to come really heavy if it was indeed my water. So not even 10 minutes after hanging up with her the contractions were coming 2-3 minutes a part, then 1-2 minutes. I went through this for an hour because she wanted me to call back in an hour. When I did call back she asked me to come on in. So at this point I'm going through some good contractions but didn't want a false alarm like with DD.

So once we get to the hospital the midwife checks me and I'm a 5/6 and it was my water!!! Yipee:) I know I'm not going home now. So to make a long story story...I got to Women's at 3:00am, to my room by 3:30am, epidural was in and working by 4:15am, and when I got checked at 5am I was 9 and a quarter!!! Oh my goodness!!! The Midwives switched out and the only reason I didn't start pushing sooner was because she was trying to discharge 3 other women. So when she finally got to me I started to push at 9:55am and SD was here at 10:35am.

I was very proud of myself. I could have totally stayed home for at least another hour or so but after being a week overdue I was excited to do something. It was an awesome experience and I can't wait to do it again, but I am going to enjoy the two that I have for a couple years this time...ha!

Side note: Isn't it funny how at the end of pregnancy you can't wait to be done, but as soon as labor starts and that baby is here you can't wait to do it again. Hilarious!!!

SD and the proud daddy:)
Weight 8lbs 12 oz
Length 20 in
Time 10:35 am

I love my girls!!!

Erika's Journal - November 2009

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful family:) My in-laws came over to bring us Thanksgiving lunch, DD is with my mom enjoying Thanksgiving with the extended family, and SD is sleeping. It's quiet and it's given me a moment to really think about life's blessings and who and what I am thankful for. I love my life and am happy I get to live it with such wonderful people. I am grateful for the fullness of the gospel, that I have it in my life, and that I can share it with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody:)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!

Daddy and his girl on his special day:) Hopefully his other girl will join us soon!!! We love you!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our cutie!!!

Reading her "ook" (book) while she "ock" (rock/rocks) in the chair.
Playing with daddy's hat:) She's such a funny girl!
Awww! There's that sweet smile:)
Momma, why are you flashing that light in my face while I watch my show and drink my milk?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Now SD can come:)

I FINISHED THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now SD is free to come join the family:) The house is ready, I've got a fresh haircut, and I'm FINALLY done with the Twilight series. It's almost as though I've got this imaginary list in my head and slowly, but surely items are getting checked off. I'm too excited!

Now on to Coraline...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm 30!!!

So today is the big 3-0 for me so I wanted to post 10 things that I want to accomplish this year:

1. Starting date night with my sexy husband;)
2. Getting back into shape with a consistent workout plan.
3. Working on having FHE every Monday night.
4. Taking better care of my hair.
5. ACTIVELY LOOKING for opportunities to serve others.
6. Adding some classics to my reading list.
7. Drinking more water!
8. Making up my bed everyday (strange, yes, but I'm telling you when I do that first thing, the day is more productive).
9. I want to do Christmas shopping throughout the year so that I don't feel like we go broke trying to have a decent Christmas.
10. Having relaxation time for me everyday.

So there it is. These are the things I want to focus on this year. Wish me luck:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


10/2/09 - DD's really quiet in our bedroom so I send Jeremy in to check on her and she's on the step looking into the tub. Five minutes later M's quiet again so I go in the bathroom and she has climbed into the bathtub. (I watched her do it later that day and she actually knows how to climb in properly)

10/6/09 - DD and I were playing with her frog Taz that sings. She was done with him and when you don't touch him for a few seconds he says "bye bye." She walked away and said "eye yi." It was too cute!

10/9/09 - DD has a new word. It's "uh oh." Anytime she drops something or toots :) she says it now and it's the cutest thing ever!

10/12/09 - At the park today DD saw an Elmo stuffed animal and I heard her say what I thought was "e-mo" but I just went on because I wasn't sure. Well tonight J and I were talking and DD brings over an Elmo DVD and gives it to us and says, "e-mo." We both stopped and were, of course, amazed!!!

10/15/09 - We always say our prayers before we eat, but when DD eats before or after us sometimes we don't get one in with her. Well today I decided that we pray so much with her that she probably knows what we're talking about. Sure enough I say, "DD we're going to say a prayer." She proceeds to fold her tiny arms and gives me this big 'ole grin like she was so proud of herself. J and I were both really happy!

So daddy and DD have a workout routine that they do when I'm at the cheer gym...pull ups. When I came home tonight and J told me that she did 3 pull ups!!! Now she goes around the house trying to do pulls ups on everything...even the stove! We had to have a little conversation about that one.

10/19/09 - DD said "ball" today!!! She's known what a ball is for a while now, but she actually said the word. Where did my infant go?

10/21/09 - On the way home from story time today I gave DD a cracker and her milk. I was talking to my friend when I heard a little voice say, "ca- ca, ca-ca, ca-ca." She was saying cracker!!! I cannot believe how just all of a sudden she's saying words.

10/26/09 - DD is repeating everything we say and remembering the connection to the actual object. She said shoes, socks, and hi today!!!

10/30/09 - DD has a song that Grandmom sings to her that involves dancing and snapping fingers. When you sing it to her she goes in complete dance mode, hips shaking and all. She also snaps her little fingers when you change up the words. She IS my child:)

11/1/09 - During sacrament meeting when the sacrament was passed J whispers to DD about how we should think of Jesus. DD looks at him and repeats, "Jesus." If we weren't in church I think we would have both screamed.