Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's been a minute

So I know I haven't been around in a while, but things have gotten busy and I have chosen to hang out with the kiddos over blogging. Instead of trying to catch up I'm just going to start with the current, move forward, and try to keep up again:)

Man, DD is such a great kid! She is talking, getting more teeth, running, jumping, dancing, playing on the big kid slide at the park and at our house. She's also telling us that she's has done something in her diaper, although I am not ready for potty training just yet. She loves her baby sister and they are even starting to "play" together! She is on this kick of saying,"I don't want to" as her yes and no and it's so funny! Jeremy and I laugh hysterically of this one time I asked her if she wanted her pop tart and she said, "I don't want to tar tart!" LOVE it!!!

SD is rolling all over the place, eating rice cereal, sitting up, and going after any and every toy she can roll into:) For some reason I cannot remember what I did as far as food with DD, but I am so behind with SD. She'll be 6 months in a week and she's had cereal only twice! I can't wait to start giving her baby food next month...yum:)

Motherhood has been so much more than I had expected. I am totally in love with my girls and I am so glad that they are in my life. I love to snuggle with SD and tickle DD until she can't stand up and I am looking forward to many more years of wonderful memories with these two (and more...later!).

...Oh and yes, they got their ears pierced! I am SO glad that's over:)

I don't want to tar tart! So that's cereal in her bowl...ha!
(and she was so posing in this picture which is a new thing)

When I asked her to pose so that Aunt Stacie could see her earrings, she folded her arms for the prayer:)

SD playing with the ball or should I say eating the ball!