Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girl in the Middle

It's amazing how many friendships I have made in the past five years. We are all so different, yet we have so much in common and it's a cool thing to see us all come together. However, the observer in me can see how our differences pull us in different small groups, which fine...totally...I promise! The interesting thing I notice is how I am always the same girl in the "big" group that I have been all of my life. I am always the girl who can hold a conversation with anyone no matter their walk of life and I LOVE this quality about myself (I hope that doesn't sound loving myself and all...ha!). I just mean that I'm glad I am comfortable meeting new people and being in diverse groups. I think it opens me up more, it allows me to understand the differences in people, and quite often it allows me to help bring people together who would have otherwise never even spoken to one another.

It's hard sometimes because I don't feel as though I "fit" anywhere in particular, but I think it's better than not having any friends at all:)

I love you all, no matter if we talk all the time or once a month. Know that you are loved for all that you are!!! I embrace the differences in you and me because otherwise this world we live in would be really boring!

That is all...ha!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Number 3 is here!!!

Lil' Diva's journey into this world was so enjoyable! I was induced, which made me nervous, but it was a grand experience after all. When I arrived at the hospital there was girl there, "in labor," getting checked in and I felt like hiding from her because I was just "strolling" in. I waited about 10 minutes and my nurse was ready to take me to my room. It was glorious! Just because I'm no "writer" I will bullet the rest of the time frame so that I can just get to the cute pictures:)

*7:30am Check in

*Midwife checks me and I'm a 5/6! I guess my contractions were doing some work even though I was still sleeping like a baby through
the night:)

*8:40 Water was was broken and now we wait to see what my body will do without pitocin

*11:41 HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO epidural! Oh how I love thee...ha! I will say though that the nurse had to keep asking if I wanted it because by her standards my contractions were pretty strong

*2:40pm Pitocin

*3:50 Ready to push, but midwife has to leave the room real quick for something else so we wait

*4:00 Started pushing

*4:19 Lil' Diva arrived!!!

I have loved all of my experiences with labor and delivery. I will say though, this was the easiest and for me I believe it was the control that I was able to have this time. I am always a calm laborer, but I was barely being stopped by contractions right up until getting the epidural, I was very verbal about what was comfortable for me even when it went against my nurses advice, and I was very alert when it came time to push because I refused any additional medicine. Recovery has been amazing too! The best one yet!

We are so happy that Lil' Diva is here and that we are both safe and healthy. DD and SD absolutely adore her and smother her with kisses every chance they get:)