Saturday, September 15, 2007

New decor!!!

J and I have been decorating our home for a year! Who knew it would take so long to decide what we wanted on the walls:) We'll after searching and planning in my head I finally found an entry way table and mirror from Hobby Lobby (this place is AWESOME...have you seen their Christmas and Halloween stuff??), we got some frames that you stick multiple pictures in and a decorative piece for two walls from TJ Maxx, a coffee table from Market Samples (this small furniture store on High Point Rd in High Point), another smaller coffee table, and an armoire and end table from a friend's mom . We have been so blessed to receive different items from friends and family and to purchase some additional pieces.

It feels so good not to be scared to put things on the wall anymore. Now that we are homeowners there isn't a maintenance guy to come and repair the walls when you mess them up hanging and re-hanging pictures and frames:)

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Worst Bloggers Ever!

So J and I haven't blogged in a LONG time. I have been soooo busy with summer camps, family stuff, school starting, and UNCG cheer and dance that there has only been time for sleep. So since the last time I posted we have celebrated Grand momma Holmes' 90 birthday, done the girl's camp thing, we have gone to my family reunion in Florida, been out of town at my cheer camps, and celebrated my nephew's first birthday. The summer was a blur and I am glad to have my life back! Please, please, please remind me next summer of this post so that I don't run myself crazy like I did this summer:)

Since it's 10pm and my brain hurts I am going to have to give you a break down of the pictures first because I cannot remember (and nor do I care to right now) how to get the pictures to let me put a caption after each.

1. Me and my friend at the UCA Awards Night dinner
2. The great decorations me and the other camp director woke up to one day a girl's camps
3. Grand momma Holmes and J
4. J's parents and there 9 grandchildren
5. A preview of what J will be like when he's a dad:) I love this picture.
6. Me and my sissy. She's 17 and wonderful!
7. Nephew J making his birthday entrance. He was not happy at first:)

So this is my quick snapshot of our summer. Now that I am back home we will be posting regularly again.

Enjoy the pictures!