Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DD Moments

I wanted to have pictures with this month's post, but my camera is dead and February is almost over. So no pics, but at least we have some moments:)

1.7.10 -DD can fold her arms when you say it's time for the prayer, but we haven't gotten a good Amen yet...until last night. It was so clear.

1.8.10 - I've caught her playing with them before, but today she was so cute. She found a big sunbeam on the floor and started to crawl on it like a balance beam.

1.13.10 - DD now repeats what we say during her prayers. It's too cute! Today she said, "Heavenly Father," "food," and "Amen."

1.17.10 - DD has always loved using her fork to "eat." Today she actually picked up the big fork and started really feeding herself. She's growing up too fast!

1.18.10 - Tonight Jeremy got DD ready for bed so when they came back out to the living room (because it wasn't quite time to go up) she started folding her arms for the prayer. She would walk around and then say "Amen." She's such a smarty! On top of that she repeated SD and BJ's name in her prayer tonight. We pray for SD's hip and Uncle BJ's surgery every night. Very sweet girl we have:)

1.26.10 - DD and Jeremy were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and Tutie was singing the "High Five" song. During the song DD runs over to SD and peels her hand back to give her a "High Five!"