Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One of THE best school days so far this year!

Today was my kind of school day.  It flowed nicely, I watched for cues that the kiddos were done with an activity, and we did music...LOTS of music which is always a great thing for us. 

Shadow shapes for definite success since they both know their shapes

 "The b's on the bus go b-b-b, b-b-b, b-b-b..." - This was my favorite random mommy-made-up-school-thing-in-the-car-one-day and now they ask for the song all the time!  We sang it and they found the bottle cap letter as we sang and put them back in their plastic baggie:).

 The girls LOVE candy corn so we did a roll and remove game with candy corn!!!  
 Then the whiteboard came out and I introduced them to the alligator that eats bigger numbers for meals!  They LOVED it!  They wanted to give him a body and legs too:).
Finally Dancin' Diva started singing Freshbeat Band songs so I out the CD in and we had a music/dance concert for an hour!!!

They were absolutely ADORABLE today and I had a blast chomping numbers and dancing withe my girls:)


shelley said...

looks awesome. they are learning great things! love the alligator - i used to do that too when i was little. ;)

Andrea said...

Way too fun!